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Privacy Policy


The Security Public Library (SPL) maintains that patron records and other information that identifies a person as having used the library are confidential under provisions of the Colorado Library Law (Colorado Revised Statutes 24-90-119). Security Public Library staff shall consider use of the library, questions asked, materials borrowed, use of databases and Internet, attendance at programs, and presence of the patron in the library, as being protected by this law. In accordance with library law, privacy of library records is protected as follows:

  1. Except as set forth in subsection (2) of this section, a publicly-supported library or library system shall not disclose any record or other information which identifies a person as having requested or obtained specific materials or service or as otherwise having used the library.
  2. Records may be disclosed in the following instances:
    1. When necessary for the reasonable operation of the library;
    2. Upon written consent of the user;
    3. Pursuant to subpoena, upon court order, or where otherwise required by law;
    4. To a custodial parent or legal guardian who has access to a minor’s library card or its authorization number for the purpose of accessing by electronic means library records of the minor.
  3. Any library official, employee, or volunteer who discloses information in violation of this section commits a class 2 petty offense and, upon conviction thereof, shall be punished by a fine of not more than three hundred dollars.

The Security Public Library does not create unnecessary records and only retains information needed. Although the Library must keep information on such items as overdue and lost materials, outstanding fees, and payments of patron accounts, these records are kept secure and are purged from the Library’s computer system when no longer needed for library business purposes. Paper records containing personal information such as names, addresses, and phone numbers, are shredded once added to the computer system. Only library staff shall have access to personal data stored by the Library.

Security Public Library enters into agreements with third-parties to provide online services. SPL makes reasonable efforts to ensure that SPL’s agreements with third-parties reflect the policies and legal obligations concerning patron privacy and confidentiality.

SPL encourages patrons to review the privacy policies of all third-party providers. This policy does not apply to external applications or websites that may be accessed from SPL’s computers, devices, or wireless network. Patrons are cautioned that any electronic communication utilizing Internet or a wireless network may be intercepted.

Patrons may conduct only legal activity while using SPL resources and services. Nothing in this policy protects SPL from exercising its right to enforce its Patron Behavior Policy; protect its patrons, staff, facilities, network, and equipment from harm; or prevent use of SPL facilities and equipment for illegal purposes. SPL can electronically log activity to monitor its public computers and network and reserves the right to review such logs when a violation of law or SPL policy is suspected. Staff is authorized to take immediate action to protect the security of patrons, staff, facilities, computers, and network. This includes contacting law enforcement authorities and providing information that may identify the individual(s) suspected of a violation.

Guidelines for access to patron information:

1.      Staff members cannot reveal patron information to anyone other than the registered patron unless the registered patron has given prior permission to release it to certain individuals. This includes, but is not limited to, information on what titles have been checked out or what fees are owed.


2.      Staff do not page patrons. Staff may take a message if somebody wants to contact them and, if they see the patron, they will give them the message.


  1. Patron records, including items checked out, on hold, overdue and fees owed, are available online through My Account in the library catalog at The library card number and PIN (last four digits of phone number) are required to access this information.


  1. A parent or guardian of a child may be provided information by library staff of checked out materials if the primary purpose is to pay fees or recover missing materials. The parent or guardian must present the child’s library card or name and birth date. The parent or guardian may be required to verify address and phone number and present current picture identification.


5.      If SPL staff (Supervisor if possible) ascertain that a patron is an imminent danger, to themselves or others, OR, if their behavior is disruptive to the library, they may contact the police or authorities. Staff may then disclose to the authorities information on the patrons presence and actions in the library. Staff are prohibited from disclosing information related to patron’s account or use of specific resources of the library.


  1. SPL staff will refer any public records requests and law enforcement inquiries to the Director or Supervisor. The Director or Supervisor may confer with legal counsel before determining the proper response to any requests of records.

12/08/05                       REVISED 11/20