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Tax Assistance!

Tax Assistance Options

Most everywhere has suspended their Free Tax Assistance Locations this season due to COVID-19. We have been trying to gather information on what assistance may still be available.

Pikes Peak United Way

· Call 211

· Slim chance one location in Monument might re-open.

Fort Carson Tax Center

· Call 524-1012

· Generally only for military retirees (and dependents) and active duty (and

· dependents).

Online(see back of this sheet for info)

· (for federal returns)

· (for state returns)

· (recommended by United Way—they have live, online chat where they can help walk you through it. Both Federal and State returns.)

2020_COVID assistance examples

Security Public Library

· We have tax forms/booklets available. We put them outside on most days (not Sunday or inclement

· weather).

· We can print off any additional forms/instructions you need! FREE up to 25 pages black and white, 10 pages color)

· Call—719-391-3196 or email with questions or requests for printing.