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UPDATE! Scary Story Contest Winners!!!


1st place – “The Demented Girl” by Charlie W.

2nd place – “The Spooky Adventure” by Willow R.


4th-5th grade:

1st place – “Doom, Death, and….Surprise!” by Silvia D.

2nd place – “The Return of the Lady of the Storm” by Evelyn M.


6-8th grade:

1st place – “The Wisps” by Grace L.

2nd place – “The Mirror” by Jennifer H.


9-12th grade:

1st place – “The Shoshoni Tribune” by Alice L.

2nd place – “Imaginary” by Jeremy J. F.-S.



1st place – “Untitled” by Christopher M.

2nd place – “A Tear for What Cannot be Undone” by Alicia C.

Congratulations to everyone who entered! We had almost 200 stories to read this year and it was a tough decision! Check out all the entries below.


We are not currently holding a writing contest, but check back soon! For a list of previous entries and winners, please see below. 

Don't wait for a contest to get those words out of your head and onto the page! Any time is a good time to write! Check out our NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) page containing tons of cool resources for writers.  

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