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100 Book Challenge

Join our 100 book challenge and not only better yourself, but win fabulous prizes!

Beginning January 3, 2022 stop by the library and we will give you a reading journal to start recording your progress. If you can finish 100 books by December 31st 2022, you will receive a gift and also be entered into the grand prize drawing for a year-long membership to the Book of the Month Club ®. Feel like that is a little overwhelming? Read at your own pace and you will still receive the gift when you finish the 100 matter how long it takes you! 

Have questions? Contact us at 719-391-3190 or stop by the library!

You don't have to read 1000 page books! Here are some bite-sized books to keep you reading and fill in your journal pages:

Books with under 100 pages

Books with under 200 pages

Printable Journal - 53 pages

First page of the PDF file: 100BookChallengeReadingJournal

Children's Printable Reading Log

First page of the PDF file: Kids100BookChallenge