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Dungeons and Dragons

Two ways to play!! 

In-person (see below for more information)

New in-person campaign "Wild Beyond the Witchlight" starting March 26, 2022! Space is limited, so don't delay! Register by emailing


Once every eight years, the Witchlight Carnival visits the material plane bringing its enchanting displays of magic and wonder to settlements along its traveling path. While the magical entertainment is certainly worth the visit, it also offers a potential chance for adventuring parties into the plane of faerie to combat uncertain fey creatures and gather new marvelous magical items. Come adventure in the Feywilds, in The Wild Beyond the Witchlight, a new D&D adventure offered by Security Public Library for levels 1- 8!

We meet every other Saturday beginning March 26th. Registration is REQUIRED due to space limitations, so please email to reserve your spot!

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