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Veteran's Day 2020


Two ways to help us celebrate!!! 

1. Come to the library and pick up a Veteran's Day packet full of fun and educational activities for the whole family. They are on the side of the book drop or ask one of your friendly librarians and we will give one to you!!

2. Play our I-Spy game! The actual I-Spy is located above the bench by our drop box. The answer forms are in the box attached to the drop box. OR - Look below and find the picture of the I-Spy display. You can email your answers to

 How to Play

- There are two levels: Adult and Children, the "hints" for each are below the picture. (Children are welcome to play at the adult level if they would like to give it a shot!)

Match up the questions to the pictures.

-Read carefully and feel free to consult Google. Submit your answers for a chance to win a prize! Please include your name, phone and/or email. 

Veteran's Day I-Spy Game

Banner with different small pictures that make up an I-spy display


Any age is welcome to play, but this is considerably tougher than the Children’s ­čśŐ Each bullet will ask one (or more!) question(s)! Figure out which picture the question(s) pertain to and write your answer(s)! Unless a question asks you for a specific detail, the answer will be the number(s) by the picture(s). Read carefully and feel free to consult Google. Take your time—it will be up all month! Submit your answers for a chance to win a prize! Please include your name, phone and/or email. Thanks for playing!

The following abbreviations may be used where appropriate: Army=USA, Air Force=USAF, Coast Guard=USCG, Marines=USMC, Navy=USN, Space Force=USSF

  • This was the first mass produced US tank:

  • Put the Distinguished Cross Medals in order of Air Force ­čí¬ Navy­čí¬ Army

  • Which branch of the military is responsible for this famous flag-raising picture? Where was it taken? 

  • In 1909, the Army Signal Corps paid the Wright Brothers how much for the first military aircraft—$5000, $25000, $30000, $70000, or $100000? 

  • The Naval Act of 1794, signed by Washington, commissioned the building of 6 frigates and re-established the U.S. Navy. Which was the very first ship to sail?

  • Which photo shows the Camp (now Fort) Carson Hospital Complex? It was the largest hospital complex in the United States during WWII—what size area did it cover—300000 ft2, 4 mi2, 11mi2, or 18mi2 ?

  • This was the first plane to break the sound barrier while flying level: 

  • Which was the first U.S. submarine? What was its name? 

  • Put the seals in this order: Marines­čí¬Army­čí¬Space Force­čí¬ Navy­čí¬Air Force­čí¬Coast Guard: 

  • This is the insignia for the Army Air Corps: 

  • Which is the world’s oldest commissioned navy ship? It is STILL in service today. What is its famous nickname?  

  • This is a photo of the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis: 

  • Which flower is considered the international symbol for veterans and remembrance? 

  • This is arguably the Army’s most famous mule. He was featured in a major magazine! Which photo is his? What was his name—Hambone, Raider, Trotter, or Burr? 

  • Put the Medals of Honor in this order: Army­čí¬Navy­čí¬Air Force:

  • Which photo shows the vessel, crewed by 4 servicemembers, that saved 32 out of 33 civilian sailors from a shipwreck in the middle of a squall? How many people, total, was this vessel rated to hold—8, 12, 25, or 40?  

  • On the right side of the I-Spy, you will see some dates. Starting at the top of the list and working your way down, write the branch each “birthday” represents: 


Try to match up the questions with the photos on the board. Letters pertain to a group of pictures, numbers to individual ones. Answers can be a letter, number, and/or short answer. Submit your answers for a chance to win a prize! Please include your name, phone, and/or email! Thanks for playing! 

  • How many of the branch seals have an American Flag somewhere on them?

  • What letter shows the group of frigates built in 1794? How many ships are there in that group?

  • How many medals total are there on the board? Which two letter groups are they in?

  • Letter of photo showing servicemembers raising a flag:

  • Which flower is the symbol of veterans and remembrance?

  • Which Army mule is jumping? Which one is carrying a large piece of military equipment? 

  • A biplane:

  • A winged insignia that has three colors:

  • The submarine that has the most sailors gathered around it: 

  • This plane looks like something Batman would fly! 

  • This tank looks the most different from the other two: